March 17, 2016

We have a network of professional companies nationwide that are either specialist sign installers or accredited member of the NZ sign association, often both.

Each member is site safe accredited and able to meet the legislative requirements on the NZ HSE laws.
We select who we believe best suits the project at hand on merit. Installation begins well before the site works commence, from initial surveys to selection of the delivery process. The Sharp Project team prepare SSSP and or Task analysis records as required.

Sign installers work for us on site and while always courteous they cannot afford to take instruction on site.
In order to manage the project effectively it is imperative the project manager is fully in control and consulted before any changes occur to the agreed scope of works. Clear communication with site managers is a vital part of the process to eliminate expensive misunderstandings.

Often fragile products must be shipped to sites, as a part of the evaluation it can often be more economic to transport goods from Auckland with specialist installers.
We also have an extremely large van and the option to transport goods ourselves. If crating the signs is the most economic solution this is what we will choose.