Project Management

March 17, 2016

This is where the customer experience is forged.
Our project team will engage with customers once the general project scope is outlined.

It is a vital part of the process to have clear boundaries and expectations in order to achieve the the end goal.
The entire Project team is engaged as necessary to evaluate the given project and brainstorm the best solution including the industrial design aspect when required.
Once the solution is agreed (or during), other aspects such as approving design layouts, surveys and permits are completed.
At this point, production will begin and your project manager will facilitate clear communication and an overview of the delivery process.

At the time of installation, further communication is undertaken to ensure all parties are clear on the process, site visits will also be made as required to ensure the process is successful.
Completion photos and accurate invoicing assist the clear wrap up of projects.
Your dedicated Project manager will have a support partner as well with an overview of the project just in case.

The levels of project management required is customer centric and should be agreed at the outset.
The end goal is only achieved when both customer and supplier have an equally successful result.