Auckland Zoo

In 2011 Sharp Signs again ventured into unusual territory -Auckland Zoo undertook a major project called the “South East Asia Precinct- Te Wao Nui ” it was the largest undertaking in the Zoos history. It went on to win the New Zealand’s supreme award in the 2012 Landscapes of Distinction Awards.

Te Wao Nui – has a very meaningful name – translated it means natural, unique habitats and environment in Aotearoa. It comes originally from the Maori language and has a deeper connection to the history of the Maori. The area is divided into six habitats: The Coast (Takutai), The Islands (Moutere Rahui), The Wetlands (Nga Repo), The Night (Te Po), The Forest (Te Wao Nui a Tane) and the High Country (Whenua Waotu).

This was possibly one of the most unique interpretive signage projects we had ever been involved with, some of the designs were simply stunning more akin to works of art.
We wish to acknowledge Logan Brewer, Hatchling Studio and Motherworks for providing us such memorable designs to produce.

While 260 individual signs are not a large volume the locations were a very different prospect. We found ourselves designing signs to accommodate destructive birdlife and conversely extremely shy reptiles. Added to this was the actual installation where we had to with very closely with Zoo staff to ensure we did not disturb or frighten the wildlife and then also be careful not to have any loose that was either stolen or eaten by inquisitive feathered friends.

The team at NCI sign installers were extremely professional in this regards and the project was a resounding success for all parties. Another big winner for “the ultimate goal”

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