Building Fascia

What is fascia signage?
Fascia signage is made from flat panel overlaid with vinyl graphics. It generally covers a vertical section of a building, typically just below the roof of the building or on the bulkhead of a footpath awning.

When do I need fascia signage?
Fascia signage is essential as a means of identifying your building so that people can differentiate you from other surrounding businesses. It is often the first sign people will see and therefore is a crucial opportunity to communicate your brand and your message before the customer even enters your office.

What are the benefits of correctly applying fascia signage?

  • assists people to find you much more easily as they get closer to you
  • larger and more striking signs can be seen from a long distance and therefore impact many more people
  • extremely flexible in terms of shape, illumination/non-illumination
  • cost-effective, hardwearing and long-lasting

How can we assist you with your fascia signage requirements?
Our designers understand which aspects of signage work best outdoors and can ensure your identity and your message are communicated to their maximum potential. External signage may require council approval and we can assist with the relevant documentation to ensure fast success. The installation of fascia signage will involve height access and may require some traffic/pedestrian management

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