Creative Services

At Sharp Signs, design and prototyping really spins our wheels and fits well with our strategy for continuous learning. Our inhouse design team and project managers work closely with our customers to interpret brand and signage requirements with our approach focused on two key areas. First, we need to understand our customers’ requirements for the specific look, feel, message being conveyed and budget. This always starts with a brief from the customer and then it is to the white boards to start brainstorming. Often, we will suggest some off-the-wall options that may or may not fly, better that you’re aware than not of what is possible. There are no stupid ideas, we’re just looking for inspiration to promote innovation.

Secondly, we focus in on the manufacturing/installation perspective to settle on best method and best cost to achieve the desired scope. Considerations here are manufacturing time, procurement, longevity, warranty, maintenance, installation and overall cost saving.

When we have settled on a design solution this is then sense-checked from manufacture through to install and warranty to ensure it meets the brief. The next step is to take this design solution to our customer for consideration, costing and prototyping if necessary. Prototyping can involve 3D scale modelling through to full-size manufacture of components or a complete sign that can be used as part of a project. This process is particularly useful for rebrand, multi-site or signage development projects. We are highly protective of our customers’ brand standards, we know you have spent a lot of time and money developing them and it is important that there is consistency in the execution of both manufacture, placement and installation.

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