Flex-Face Sign

What is flexface signage?
An opaque or translucent banner that is stretched and clipped to a frame on all four corners. Can also be used as a fascia for lightbox or bulkhead signage.

When do I need flexface signage?
When you want an eye-catching banner that is not necessarily required to have longevity or a cost-effective option for reduced weight and versatility.

What are the benefits of correctly applying flexface signage?

  • very light and very fast to produce
  • easily create a very large sign that usually has far less installation cost than other signage
  • for the viewer, can look no different to a much heavier, more highly-engineered sign
  • can readily be changed out to provide different signage in the future
  • incredible variety available in design and colour
  • can also be illuminated

How can we assist you with your flexface signage requirements?
Whether you want a banner for outdoor display, or signage for the interior of your building, we can advise on a design that will make eyes pop and make your sign really work for you.

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