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What is moulded acrylic?
3D plastic, typically with rounded edges, that is manufactured by a vacform process. This includes cutting a timber mould of your brand mark and heating a sheet of acrylic over the mould to form the shell before customising with brand colours.

When do I need moulded acrylic?
If your brand marks are typically round-edged typefaces or designs, then moulded acrylic is more suited to your signage requirements. Moulded acrylic allows for curvature throughout the lettering and shape, enabling the creation of completely unique and custom designs.

What are the benefits of moulded acrylic?

In addition to consistently representing your brand mark (both day and night) by shaping to your unique identity, moulded acrylic focuses on utilising specific materials and applications to support your space and the surrounding environment. These can include a range of benefits such as:

  • painted to any colour or application of full-colour digital prints to perfectly represent your identity
  • lightweight options to support specific internal and external areas
  • impact-resistant materials to withstand harsh environmental elements
  • powder-coated for longevity
  • can be edge-lit, backlit, internally lit or halo illuminated

How can we assist you with your moulded acrylic requirements?
Sharp Signs has the capabilities to not only design, document and install your moulded acrylic, but also explore evolving and innovative product applications so that you can stand out from your competitors and enhance your customers’ experience.

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