What is light box signage?
Any signage consisting of an illuminated flat box or round display made of translucent glass or plastic incorporating vinyl graphics or 3D text. They are highly visual and innovative and can be placed outdoors with various lighting options and even indoors highlighting your brand above the counters, reception areas and shop fronts.

When do I need light box signage?
Use a light box when you need signage that is visible by day or night.

What are the benefits of correctly applying light box signage?

  • sign can be easily seen even at a distance
  • less expensive than LED screen technology
  • can still be programmable if necessary
  • Can be mounted as under-awning, above-awning, against facia and walls or side-mounted.

How can we assist you with your light box signage requirements?
These signs can be indoor or outdoors, may be single or double-sided and may require council approval. We can advise and facilitate approvals, as well as advise on the design of the sign itself in order to maximise its impact and get your message across to the most people.

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