When was the last time you looked closely at your signage either at night or during the day? Is the illumination working as planned, is vinyl peeling or faded and is there green mold, dirt and cobwebs covering everything? If you make a significant investment in brand and signage it must surely make sense to maintain that image to ensure you continue to achieve your initial objectives.

The New Zealand outdoor environment is particularly harsh on materials with our high levels of UV and weather extremities, therefore, regular inspection and cleaning is highly recommended to not only extend life but comply with warranties. Outdoor signage generally has a life span of 5 to 7 years depending on how well it is maintained and, like everything, the less maintenance the shorter the life span. Regular cleaning of signage allows us to identify potential problems before they become major, extend longevity and ensure they continue to portray the image you want. Our maintenance crew is focused on maintaining your image. We can help you with preventative maintenance including general wear and tear on mechanical and electrical components, a simple clean and wash, re-vinyl or complete replacement if needed.

To keep your signage in its optimum condition whilst maintaining your brand’s integrity give us a call or send a message to ask about a maintenance plan or signage inspection.

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