Project Management

At Sharp Signs, no matter how small or large the job, our project managers take personal responsibility for bringing in your signage project on time, to specification, on budget and safely. Once an order is confirmed our Project Managers are accountable for completion of all jobs to scope, from confirmation through to in-house fabrication/application (under the control of our Production Manager), site install and commission including final follow-up post job completion. They can take care of everything from pre-design advice, permit procurement, manufacture, installation, and ongoing maintenance coordination. Often our project management responsibilities will include taking a head contractor role coordinating and project managing subtrades and other suppliers. We are just as comfortable working as subcontractors or working with client-led contractors as long as operational control guidelines have been agreed.

Our project managers don’t work in isolation, our collective experience and collaboration means that we can bring a diverse range of thinking to the table to problem-solve and develop solutions. In fact, one of our key business values is “One Team”. We work hard to collaborate on projects (Sales, Production and Project Management), to ensure we are connected as one team across all workstreams enabling us to deliver on our promises. The team takes great pride in what we produce, how we innovate and value engineer in order to achieve improved outcomes and efficiencies.

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