Pylon Sign

What is a pylon?
Pylon signs are free-standing structures often at the entrance to a site and are great for attracting customers from afar. They may be completely enclosed, have an exposed poles or pole and can be internally or externally illuminated.

When do I need a pylon?
Pylon’s are often used as identifiers at the front of a site to assist visitors with location recognition. They can be used to convey multiple messages in the form of static text, logos and/or digital displays.

What are the benefits of a pylon?

  • Considered a brand marker hero, the custom size and construction of the pylon itself allows you to replicate your identity with complete creative freedom and make your first impression count
  • Crucial site identifier that can be seen both during the day and at night
  • Visibility from a distance, allowing recognition of location sooner than any other sign type
  • Ability to convey multiple messages to passing traffic and pedestrians.

How can we assist you with your pylon requirements?
New Pylon signs require council planning, approval and engineering certifications in order to be successfully connected to your site. Aside from design and construction, we can assist you with all crucial documentation to gain the approvals required to deliver a statement for your brand. Existing pylons can be refurbished and re-clad for a cost-effective makeover.

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