Tip Top

Tip Top corner is a famous Auckland landmark and the TIP Top signs would probably be New Zealand most famous sign. Sharp Signs became involved at a very early stage with Fonterra brand executives who were very aware that the Mt Wellington sign was the focal point of the brand.

We were invited to an exclusive conference with the Fonterra executives and an international Brand designer well before the new logo was release publicly.
The importance of the sign was fundamental to the re-brand process and we were consulted to evaluate the buildings suitability for installation of this very large and unique sign. After a great deal of investigation and reviewing with many stakeholders it was decided that the old building curtain wall glass was no longer structurally sound for what the brand team desired.

The project went into a holding pattern while the entire front of the building was redesigned and refurbished. The entire project was conceived to be a massive unveiling of the new brand.
The building was wrapped from public view and new glazing was specifically designed to incorporate all the mounting points for the new signs.

We needed to work closely with the Brand Managers, Peter Swan Architects and Cassidy construction to deliver what was a very complex signage project. It wasn’t without its challenges but the results speak for themselves. “the ultimate goal” was fully achieved on every level.

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