Vinyl Graphic

What are printed graphics and films?
Graphics are any signage that is printed either directly onto any solid surface or printed to vinyl and applied to a solid surface. Films can be applied to any solid surface for the purpose of creating privacy, architectural design, safety and/or branding. We can print onto:

  • vinyl
  • wood
  • metal
  • glass
  • ceramic
  • plastic or synthetic surfaces

When do I need printed graphics signage and films?
Printed graphics signage and films are frequently used to provide eye-catching imagery (with or without text) that captures attention and delivers a powerful brand message. It can be used to cover entire walls/glass partitions (internal or external) and essentially allows your brand to form part of the décor or design of a building.

What are the benefits of correctly applying printed graphics and films?

  • Incredibly varied applications, from plain text to remarkable graphical designs, enabling you to choose designs where imagination is the only limitation
  • easy and affordable access to large-format printing
  • easy to change out a printed sheet or sheets within a frame (can change the message or image at will)
  • Films can create a privacy effect with the use of transparent, opaque or one-way vision.
  • Used for safety purposes in highlighting glass and slip-proof flooring for wet areas

How can we assist you with your printed graphics signage requirements?
No matter the size of the space you want graphics or films for, we are easily able to maximise its potential, from the earliest stages of design so that your desired message is effectively communicated.

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