Why Us

Design. Manufacture. Install. Sharp Signs is a complete solution proudly branding NZ

Our collective experience means that we can bring a diverse range of thinking to the table to problem solve and develop design/manufacturing solutions. We like to take a partnership approach to our customer relationships that means we can contribute to business and brand development in a more meaningful and rewarding way. This approach has achieved some very effective outcomes for our customers, it means we are on the same page with them, can plan with certainty and it develops trust for both parties.

As a manufacturer, we are always looking to improve ongoing processes to find cost effective manufacturing methods and/or material substitution for either cost reduction or quality improvement. Experience has taught us that there are many opportunities to save costs through smart utilisation of resources.

Our design process is approached from 2 directions: first are our customers requirements for a specific look and feel and second the manufacturing/installation perspective to provide costing and economies. This process always starts with a brief from the customer and then to the white boards to start brainstorming. There are no stupid ideas, we’re just looking for inspiration to promote innovation. When we have settled on a design solution this is then sense-checked from manufacture through to install and warranty to ensure it meets the brief. The next step is to take this design solution to customer consideration, costing and prototyping. This can involve graphic visuals through to full-size manufacture of components or a complete sign that can be used as part of a project.

We have a long-term procurement strategy that has resulted in some very old and established relationships that have proven invaluable when looking to secure materials. This equates to direct benefits to our customers in regards to pricing and long-term meaningful warranties and guaranties that are not just a piece of paper. We stand behind our offering today and into the future, this means choosing suppliers, materials and manufacturing methodologies to suit the intended life of the signage.

Our team of professionals are committed to working closely with our customers to deliver on your expectations, we look forward to being able to bring your brand to life and invite you to contact us for a no-obligation chat at your convenience.

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